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Earth’s Survivors Plague. The Dead rise across the country

Earth’s Survivors Plague. The Dead rise across the country

EARTH’S SURVIVORS Plague The dead rise across the country after strange events. An eBook from Dell Sweet.

Plague outlines the sudden rise of the dead, chronicling the spread across the country. It follows Adam, Beth, Billy and Pearl as they head north looking for an antidote that can bring the plagues to end. It also sees the first babies born to the Nation, the formation of both the Fold and Alabama Island, and the loss of one of the founders of The Nation without whom the Nation may dissolve.

Plague steps back to the first days of the catastrophe that nearly destroyed the world and takes a look behind the scenes at the government and military agencies that were involved in manipulating the data the world received, and developing a virus based drug that would enable soldiers to fight longer, harder, without food or water, even gravely wounded. Although never approved for release, one man took the circumstances and used them to his advantage, justifying the release of the virus worldwide in order to help mankind survive the coming catastrophe. The results of those actions are now being felt everywhere.

At first it was survivors who should have died and didn’t. Then it was isolated reports of people coming back from death. Now it is an epidemic raging across what is left of the planet. The dead are rising from death. Growing smarter. The virus was never fully tested and only now are the people finding out what the end results of it will be. Yes, it may have saved them all from certain death, but what was the cost?

In the Nation the valley settlement is growing fast. The first winter for the survivors is on the way. The first OutRunner team has been formed, but before they are sent on the first mission information from one of their own changes everything forever. As the rest of the Nation prepares for winter the OutRunners prepare for a revamped first mission, one far different from what they had planned. Find the antidote to the V virus where it may be locked away in a top secret military installation buried under tons of rock, and reverse the damage that has been done. But there are several unknowns. Is the virus where they think it is? Is there really an antidote? And along with the unknowns they must face is the realization that reversing the process started by the virus may have dire consequences for survivors worldwide.

Outside of the Nation resistance is growing. The Fold begins to rise from an oasis in the desert. With Jesse Stone at the helm the people there are driven to succeed. And yet another faction from a newly formed island in the gulf is building a rival community. Mike and Candace have made their way to Alabama Island along with some others and are determined to build a society there. Both The Fold and Alabama Island will challenge the Nation to rule what is left of the former North American continent.
And finally, the Nation loses its direction when one of its founding members dies. Without that driving force, and facing the coming winter and the battle with the dead, can the Nation continue? It remains to be seen in Earth’s Survivors: Plague…

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